Line Marking Companies Are Essential For The Best Quality Sports Courts

Line marking companies are essential to ensuring sports courts are designed, installed and maintained to an expert standard. In sports such as tennis, badminton and netball, precision courts and lines count. Matches are won and lost on the placement of tennis balls, netballs and shuttlecocks on lines, so it’s essential the sports court surface is marked by a professional line marking company. Whichever sport the court is used for, it’s likely to be used heavily, so durability, quality, coatings and low maintenance of the surface line marking also matter. Using an expert marking services company to line mark your courts will pay off in the future.

Experienced Marking Services Companies Will Ensure Precise Sports Line Markings

Ask any line judge at Wimbledon and they’ll tell you, white lines on a tennis court are vital. Regardless of the sport you play, whether at international or community level, precise lines and therefore, quality sports line marking services are vital for players, spectators and referees. Properly defined courts allow players to move around the courts as expected, keeping all sports, during training and competition, fair and standardised across different sports venues in the UK. According to Sport England, line marking on sports courts and floors must fall within a 2mm allowance. Sport England also provide the regulation sizes, specification and colours for marking services companies that must be used for each sport to ensure uniform courts across the UK. Poorly applied lines cause problems for players, but may also render sports venues invalid for hosting tournaments, so it’s essential to be precise. Professional line marking contractors can also advise you on how to develop multi-use courts in one space, giving you the chance to have a tennis, netball and volleyball court all in one sports space. Such multi-use courts are great for community leisure centres, sports venues and schools to maximise court space and usage. Professional marking service companies can also offer advice on accurate court markings when the available court space might be tight, for example using mini-tennis or reduced size basketball courts. Finally, the quality and durability of lines is also important, giving lasting precision for court and playground markings, so always use the guidance of expert surface line marking companies.

Quality Marking Services Provide A Complete Sports Line Marking Service

Different sports courts require different line marking services and materials, so it’s important to work with a quality marking services company who know the best techniques, applications and the relevant Sport England guideline. For every sport, paint is always better than the cheaper option of taping lines- it’s more durable and precise. Outdoor tennis courts require line markings that are non-slip and with high friction, with the skid resistance not affected by rain or wear. Indoor tennis courts require painted line markings that won’t impact the positioning of the ball when contact is made, reducing influence and impact on the game. Fast moving sports where lines are absolutely essential to referee calls and points such as badminton require white painted line markings that are bright, clear and crisp, but also with low interference levels for players moving around the court. For multi-use court line markings, it’s important to think about line colours, any requirements of the sport and placements of the lines. For example, netball’s governing body specifies any line colour that isn’t yellow, and volleyball lines are usually green. It’s also imperative to think about any potential line clashes, so make sure that lines next to each other for different sports are clearly differentiated and easy to read. Professional road line markings and car park line marking companies such as AC LINEMARKINGS offer a range of services including precise, long-lasting and quality sports courts surface markings with CourtCote, ensuring your sports courts are well used and require little, if any, maintenance for years to come.

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