Line Marking Contractors – Making Sure They’re Qualified

Line marking contractors – how do you know the team you’re tempted to hire are qualified and experienced in the line marking services they offer? How do you know that they will provide the quality finish that they claim to? The answer is to start by checking their website to see if they mention the qualifications of their workers. Proud (and respectable) marking companies will either hire staff that hold, or develop staff to hold, either a CSCS card or NVQ qualifications, or both. However, it is not enough to check that these badges or acronyms are included on the website. You should also dig a little deeper.

Holding a CSCS card is increasingly important within the construction industry and several related industries including line marking. CSCS or the ‘constructions skills certification scheme’, enables both employers and clients to be confident that the work and skills of individual’s meet specific industry wide standards. A CSCS card is only provided once the individual has passed a standardised test. One of the benefits of the scheme is that the names of those who are card holders are kept on a searchable database. So, you can check the validity of the claim before hiring a specific company offering line marking or sports line marking services.

The second qualification you should look out for on the company website is the NVQ qualification. Charge hands employed by proficient line marking companies often hold an NVQ qualification in Engineering, at level one, two – or at the most proficient – level three. Due to being trained and mentored by highly-qualified engineers themselves, the charge hands possess an intricate knowledge of their sector and have highly developed kills in all aspects of line painting. This in turn means that they can competently oversee the line marking solutions that are required for your project and ensure a high standard of finish.

At AC LINEMARKINGS, we only employ the best staff, so that we can provide the best service to our customers. All our charge hands and operatives are completely CSCS and NVQ qualified, as well as being punctual and friendly. So if you require line markings – from school road markings to warehouse line marking services – get in touch with us. We're easily reachable via our, or you can email us at If you prefer to speak to someone in person then call 01276 506378, and one of the team will be happy to assist you.