Marking Services Company Highlights The Importance Of Accurate, Quality Line Markings

Marking services are essential for many different industries. From hopscotch to road safety markings, cycle lanes to tennis courts, line markings cover a huge range of purposes. Quality line markings allow clear safety information to be highlighted in car parks, airports and warehouses. Fun playground markings provide children with learning and play opportunities outside of the classroom. They’re also vital for clearly marking sports courts to a professional standard including basketball, badminton and tennis courts. This article looks at the different industries that rely on accurate line markings and why it’s so important to use a professional company for line marking services and design.

Assured Line And Playground Markings Companies Use Quality Marking Paints And Techniques

Quality line marking services are essential for car park lines, warehouses, playground line design markings and sports courts. Different surfaces need different line finishes and applications, so there are many different ways line and playground markings companies can apply lines for depending on the intended use and the type of surface. Multi-grip is often used for playground markings, warehouses, car parks and roads, allowing bright, vivid colours that are easily noticed. Applied with a roller or spray, it’s ideal for car parking markings and airports as it’s easy to look after, non–slip and fast drying on application. CourtCote is a water-based acrylic line marking paint especially designed for sports courts including netball and indoor tennis courts. It is applied quickly with a slip-resistant finish that can be re-coated quickly - essential for sports such basketball, tennis and netball. Epoxy paint is mainly used for road line markings and is manufactured to give a precision finish that is resistant to abrasion, chemicals and fuels, making road safety markings durable and clear. Acrylic paint is another type of line marking used by line marking contractors who provide school road markings. It is low odour and fast drying, so it’s ideal for use on asphalt, concrete and tarmac sports courts, car parks and high traffic pedestrian areas.

Line Marking Companies Apply Essential Safety Lines On Roads, Car Parks And Airways

Line markings in car parks, airport runways or warehouse environments are vital to ensure safety and good traffic flow. As line markings are so essential to safety, it’s imperative they’re applied by professional line marking companies. They also need to remain clear and precise over the medium and long term. Warehouse lines can be used to designate no load bays and pedestrian walkways inside a busy factory. High quality line marking services are also used for marking the road direction for fork lift trucks or deliveries. In a car park, marking car parking bays is the obvious use, but line markings are also important to clearly direct pedestrian traffic and the direction of entry or exit points. drivers. Airport taxiway markings are also essential ensuring the runway is clearly and safely marked. Pilots and passengers alike rely on clear safety lines for information on location points and direction. Road line markings also provide safety information for drivers on roads, making drivers aware of key road information and any upcoming hazards. These include speed limits, zebra crossings, bus lanes, and single and double yellow lines. Road line markings are particularly important at night for the safety of all drivers and passengers, so it’s vital that lines are applied by experienced road and car park line marking companies.

Playground Markings And Sports Court Markings Can Transform Activity Spaces

Line markings are not just for sensible car parking lines and road markings outside school grounds. They also offer the opportunity to create fun learning environments for children’s playgrounds and multi-use fitness areas in gyms and community sports centres. Non-toxic paint applications such as epoxy paint and multi-grip surfaces allow amazing, safe, durable and creative playground markings to be applied to the surface of any playground or sports hall floor. Children can have great fun designing new play schemes for their playgrounds to include ideas such as target practices, snakes and ladders and space rockets. But it’s not only children who benefit; adults can also take advantage of creative line marking applications with clever gym flooring. Classic gym flooring line marking includes tennis, badminton and basketball courts. However, with creative line markings on gym floors, multi-use fitness spaces can be developed that benefits personal trainers, sports teams and individual gym visitors. As with school playground markings, gym designs such as agility ladders, sprint tracks and speed circles create interest and a new level of use, adding so much more on top of the traditional basketball or netball court.

Line Marking Companies Must Provide Reliable And Long Lasting Road Safety Lines

Unfortunately, we’ve all seen examples of poorly applied line markings, including misspelled words, wonky double yellow lines, impossibly small marked car park spaces and lines that have all but rubbed off. Whether you’re applying playground markings or marking a motorway, it’s vital that the marked lines are durable and remain precise. Line markings that are poorly applied can be extremely dangerous, making hazards unclear or not providing essential information for all users. Lines that have rubbed away or can no longer be seen risk the lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Worryingly, recent reports have found that many road markings in the UK have fallen below this essential safety standard. Road markings are the easiest way to provide navigation information for drivers, but a report by the Road Safety Marking Association states that approximately 10% of motorways and A-roads currently have road markings that are non-existent. This is particularly concerning as these roads are where collisions are often most fatal; thus, clearly highlighting why line marking companies mark lines on roads that should last for many years. As a result, it is essential that you use quality line marking contractors who provide quality, durable line markings such as AC LINEMARKINGS.

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