Playground Marking – Important For Safe Education And Activities

Playground marking is an excellent way to enhance a school’s playground, regardless of how drab and lifeless the tarmac surface may currently be. Such markings can be used on any size playground, and on most types of surfaces, but for the best results it is important to hire professional marking services to liven up the area which schoolchildren use daily? After all, when done by professionals the markings don’t just make the grounds look aesthetically pleasing. They also provide numerous educational and physical health benefits too – which are integral for giving students a head start in life.

The advantages of having playground markings are countless. Perhaps the most important perks, though, is that they keep schoolchildren physically active between lessons while also helping them to continue learning. For instance, hopscotch markings – one of the most sought-after types of school playground marking – reinforces basic numeracy skills as children jump from number to number. Another commonly ordered educational marking is the compass marking. With four intersecting lines pointing to eight different points on the compass. With these and informative and dynamic playground line markings, schoolchildren learn how to navigate, count and recognise letters and shapes through active, engaging play.

We are AC LINEMARKINGS; professional line marking experts who take a great deal of pride in producing exceptional designs with colourful, creative playground markings paint. Whether you want educational playground markings or instructional sports court markings – we have you covered. As well as offering a high-performance marking service, our talented team are well equipped to paint any unique designs that which you come up with yourself. So, head on over to the contact page on our AC LINEMARKINGS website, to arrange a call back from one of the team. Alternatively, email any questions you have to and our experienced team will be happy to help.