Playground Markings Are An Inexpensive Way To Transform A School Playground

Playground markings are a great way to transform a playground, particularly in a primary school setting. Play helps children develop in a variety of ways. These include encouraging children to keep active, which reduces levels of obesity, helping children develop confidence and social skills, and allowing children to test their safety boundaries in a secure environment. School playground markings come in a huge variety of options including colours, shapes, thermoplastics or poured rubber, so how do you make sure you choose the right marking services, and design the right playground markings for your school? Which playground designs are the best to maximise play and playground space?

A Quality Marking Services Company Will Design And Install Durable, Safe Playground Markings

The marking for a school playground can be designed in any style, including classic hopscotch, snakes and ladders, and more modern fitness tracks, sky rockets and target practices. Primary school playground markings are an excellent, cost effective way of making a play space more fun, useful and educational. They’re also significantly cheaper and easier to install than large playground equipment, so they’re the perfect option for brightening up a dull playground space on a small budget. Playground markings can also be installed in your primary school or nursery playground using different application techniques. These include epoxy paint, Multigrip markings, Courtcote markings for sports courts and acrylic paint. One of the most popular methods for playground markings is using a high quality thermoplastic process, heating the lines and designs onto your playground surface. This is a non-toxic process, which means it’s safe for use around children and it’s also up to ten times more durable than traditional paint options – great for school budgets! It’s a quick way to apply playground markings too, so the playground is ready to use quickly. Using a thermoplastics process also allows vibrant pigments and colours to be used, ideal for sparking the imagination of children for years to come. Durable, anti-slip paint is used by the line marking company to create a long, lasting permanent extension of your school. A professional line marking services company will go through the different application and design options for playground marking with you, ensuring you choose the most cost effective and long lasting option.

School Playground Markings Are A Perfect Way To Encourage Play, Learning And Exercise

Quality playground marking designs allow your creativity to shine but also serve as a great way for children to learn! They are a fantastic opportunity to design something fun and lasting with the children from your school, encouraging them to see the fun and practical side of learning. Through well thought out designs, children will be able to play in a clever extension of the classroom with number boards, puzzle grids and word games, giving children the chance to explore literacy and numeracy through play. Exercise tracks are also an extremely popular design for school playground markings, giving children and schools the opportunity to learn and teach children about exercise and fitness in a fun way. Line markings can also provide opportunities to teach vital child safety lessons. School road markings outside a school building such as no parking, speed information and zebra crossings allow children to learn about crossing the road and safety around schools, ideal for creating a safe school environment. Finally, a multi-use, multi-sport court is also a fantastic way of making use of smaller spaces in schools. With clever line markings from a professional line marking company, you’ll be able to combine a tennis court, netball court and football court in one, maximising the use of a single space. Professional line markings companies such as AC LINEMARKINGS based in Surrey can advise you on modern, creative playground designs, the best application of these line markings, as well as school road markings for essential school safety and learning.

Contact AC LINEMARKINGS For Durable, Safe and Modern Playground Markings For Your School

Playground markings are a great way to turn your school playground into a fun learning and playing area for children. AC LINEMARKINGS offer a variety of line marking services across Surrey, including quality playground markings and court markings. Our thermoplastic playground markings are durable, require little maintenance and can be applied in a huge variety of designs and vibrant colours, ideal for sparking the imaginations of children! We also offer school road marking services which provide essential safety markings for outside your school. Contact us today on 01276 506378, or visit our website at to see the huge range of designs and line marking services we offer.