School Road Markings – They’re Absolutely Crucial

School road markings are an absolute essential for ensuring the safety of children, parents and staff on the way to and from school, both morning and evening. These lines including the capitalised ‘SLOW’ written in white, or the ‘KEEP CLEAR’ in yellow with an alternative zig zag pattern have been central to saving countless lives. Given this it is vital that they are kept visible and in good condition at all times. Doing this requires you to have access to qualified and experienced road marking services that understand the needs of schools and the people that journey to and from them.

Back in 1964, yellow zig zag markings were introduced in the Traffic Signs Regulations so that motorists were more aware when they were driving near school grounds. Originally white and with the words ‘School Entrance’, the line markings changed colour to yellow in 1975, to enhance vibrancy, and the words changed slightly to ‘School Keep Clear’ to promote caution as well as recognition. Since the implementation of these ever so important road markings outside schools, accidents between children and motorists have fallen dramatically, and the lines can now be seen outside the majority of schools in the UK. After all, the line markings do save lives.

Ultimately, the yellow zig zag line markings are a necessity so that motorists – and more importantly schoolchildren – stay safe while going about their days. Unfortunately, some road and playground markings are prone to fading and disintegration, especially if they were painted with cheap materials by unprofessional companies. If this is the case with markings that you are responsible for then it is important to stay on top of the issue by having the important line markings repainted by a competent professional. Hiring a specialist marking service to refresh the original markings, or completely replace them if needed ensures that further time and money are saved, without compromising on safety. Talk to adept secondary and primary school marking contractors today.

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