School Playground Markings – Perfect For Lining Up Playground Sports Courts

School playground markings are integral to creating, establishing and optimising space within a tarmacked playground. Regardless of whether the school is an inner-city primary school, or a large secondary school in one of Britain’s many different counties, having designated spaces to play sports is crucial for children’s well-being, particularly, their physical and mental health. If you’re in charge of school grounds and you’ve noticed that either the old markings have started to fade, or that there aren’t any markings at all, then maybe it’s time to consider hiring marking services to make these areas useable once again.

In recent years, the British government and NHS have banded together to promote physical fitness in younger people. Following a rise in obesity and heart disease risk schools have joined in to promote physical activity. Studies had shown that physical activity not only dramatically affected the bodily health of children, but also their mental health, which is crucial to good development. One way to achieving this in a school setting is to provide areas where children can be physically active and to designate these areas with playground markings. Such playground markings for primary schools can include small football, tennis, and basketball courts, while secondary schools often have the space for full size courts, running tracks and other sports related markings.

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